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Cuisines of Bhabua

The city of Bhabua is the headquarters of Kaimur district in the state of Bihar. It is considered to be one of the cleanest and greenest cities in this state. It is also known for its amazing tourist attractions, shopping avenues and rich and varied culture. Apart from these, this region is also renowned for its exquisite gastronomical delights, that charm the tourists, leaving them asking for more. The unique specialities of this place including the snacks and sweets, have an irresistible charm that appeal to people belonging to all age groups.

Traditional Cuisine of Bhabua

Traditional Cuisine of Bhabua

The cuisine of this region is known to be quite simple, yet healthy and tasty as well. Though people mainly prefer vegetarian food, few non – vegetarian dishes are also quite popular here. A typical traditional thali consists of rice, roti, dal, vegetables and pickle. Mostly, mustard oil, which has a lot of health benefits associated with it is used as the main medium of cooking. Sattu, bhaingan bharta, pittha, khopal ki khofta are among the popular dishes in this region. Khichdi and kadhi bari are special dishes, that are quite simple to make, yet taste divine and are quite healthy as well. Meat and fish preparations are preferred by the non-vegetarians in Bhabua.

Famous Sweet Items of Bhabua

The people of Bhabua are known for their fondness for sweets. Sweets form a major part of their daily food and are also given as gifts to guests. Khaja, tilkut, Kesariya peda, lai, anarsa etc are sweets popular in this region. In addition to these, there are sweet shops selling a variety of popular sweets including gulab jamun, rasagulla, ladoo and other common sweet items.

Ram Sweets
Address: Kachari Road, Bhabua, Kaimur - 821101
Phone No: +(91)-9430041378

Chandan Sweet Shop
Address: Chowk Bazar, Bhabua, Kaimur - 821101
Phone No: +(91)-9097116927

Gurujee Mithai Dukan
Address: Main Road, Bhabua, Kaimur - 821101
Phone No: +(91)-9308422053

Popular Snacks in Bhabua

Litti Chokha, a speciality of Bihar state is among the must haves in this city. Litti – the ball made up of wheat and sattu, eaten along with the spicy and tangy gravy – chokha is known for its unique taste and thus has an irresistible appeal. There are street side shops and eateries that are popular for their tasty litti chokhas. Other popular snacks and street food items of this region include samosa, kachori, bajka, bharta, samosa chaat etc. These mouth-watering dishes are sold in the road side eateries and stalls, and have a huge fan following, especially among the tourists, office goers and the school children. Aam Jhor, sattu paani, lassi and other beverages are preferred by the people here. The Pappu Hotel is a popular restaurant in Bhabua, that serves a variety of tasty Indian authentic cuisines. The Kohinoor Hotel is another popular restaurant here, serving a variety of Indian, Chinese and continental authentic cuisines.

Hotel Kohinoor
Address: Jai Prakash Chowk, Bhabua, Kaimur - 821109
Phone No: 09431681003, 9546490781

Pappu Hotel
Address: Bhabhua Road, Mohania, Kaimur - 821109
Phone No: +(91)-9931017266

Thus apart from sight seeing and shopping, do try out the famous dishes in this city. They won’t disappoint you. Their pleasant taste and lingering aroma will remain etched in the recesses of you mind forever.

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